My name is Litvinova Anna. I welcome you on our site devoted to our liked breed - Russian Black Terrier.
On our site, you also can see result of job of kennel "iz Poslednih Angelov" (from Last Angels) since 1997 till 2005. As I was the co-owner of this kennel and took part in cultivation of puppies, many of which were born and have grown in my house. And also, I being handler and groomer (the hairdresser for animals), was engaged in their further exhibition career, that is vocational training to the exhibition and competent show, with the purpose to make of these animal Champions.

       Since 2000 year our dogs and their children go on world shows, including World championships and Europe, and also the largest exhibitions of Russia (Eurasia and Dmitrov) and Ukraine. For today, I also continue to be engaged in some from dogs of kennel
"iz Poslednih Angelov" (from Last Angels), but to cultivation and to the kennel, since 2006, practically, I have no any attitude. The owner of kennel, as before, there is Salnikov Igor with whom we maintain good human relations.
Officially since 2000, I am the owner of own kennel "S'Lukomorya Krasota", and being broken off between two kennels, I had to leave the, for four long years, and to be given job c kennel "iz Poslednih Angelov" (from Last Angels) about what at all I do not regret, it was very interesting and useful.

       At that time while I have been borrowed, me actively insured at the most different exhibitions and the countries, my children, with my prefix, self-denyingly earning titles and Champion's titles, thus not giving to dry up on a root to kennel "S'Lukomorya - Krasota" . For it all many thanks (to owners: S'Lukomorya Velikan Stepan, S'Lukomorya - Krasota Aladdin - Gospodin , S'Lukomorya Zak Bizon (Israel))!!! Due to their owners and this animals, my kennel have Champion's titles with prefixes-Inter- and Grand-, and also Champion's titles of some countries have appeared!!!

       But after these years, I nevertheless have decided, that it is time to engage again in the dreams and plans in the kennel "S'Lukomorya - Krasota". I long years bore different variants is litters, possible images of the future puppies, and in the subsequent adult animals. I can say that, - who has already turned out, that is puppies already were born and have a little grown up. And Though they are still absolutely young, but it is absolutely not a shame to me with them. They have already proved to be on show and for second half of 2005 have brought set of victories, both over usual shows, and on show Best In Show where quite often won.

       I hope, that all only begins, still more many unembodied desires and hopes. The purpose is also I is ready to go to her, in fact is to what to aspire and Thanks God beside there are people which also like, dream, hope and are ready to any tests in this hard, but interesting job.

       My partners and friends - adherents in so fascinating employment, any more the first year, are: Guschina Tatyana , the friend, the assistant, the master of organization and the mistress S'Lukomorya Velikan Stepan ; Buniny Igor and Svetlana - a strong shoulder and friendly support on which are always ready to come to the aid (Plutarh Riksa and S'Lukomorya Matreshka); Yablonka Irina and Igor - cheerful guys and hospitable friends, easy on rise (kennel "Yabluneviy Tsvit"); perfect families - Kutovye Natalia, Anatoly, Marina (Pava iz Poslednih Angelov and S'Lukomorya Milashka - Natashka), Lubnitskie Lena and Vova (kennel "Ter'Avalon" ); Grishkan Peter and Anna ( Anutini Glazki iz Poslednih Angelov ); Didkovskie Diana and Ignat (kennel "Noch na Kupalu" ); Salnikov Igor as I wrote above, the owner kennel "iz Poslednih Angelov" , Lipovaya Tatiana , the mistress - Germes Klayf ot Fery.
All of them and many others, people with the big heart which Russian Black Terrier forever belongs to breed.

Separate Thanks to my remarkable parents and liked husband Alexey, without you would turn out nothing!!!

THANKS to all of you!!!

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